Welcome to The Out of Work Sidekicks Podcast Page
Welcome to The Out of Work Sidekicks Podcast Page
Welcome to The Out of Work Sidekicks Podcast Page

Bi-Weekly Podcast About Everything Comic Book and SciFi

The Official Podcast of Central City Comic Con


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17: Getting the Captain to Watch the Doctor…Who?

This week Jeremy tries to convince Justin why he would love Doctor Who. We of course have the news as well. You can reach us at theoutofworksidekicks@gmail.com

16: We’ll Never Sleep Again: Our Favorite Horror Villains

This week your horrifying hosts discuss their favorite horror villains. From Freddy to Hannibal, we recount where we've lost sleep and where we might lose it again.

15: One Team to Rule Them All

This week we argue which 5 super heroes would form the best team. Which Jeremy is right about....no Justin is right. You listen in and tell us who is right or if you have your own list send it in to theoutofworksidekicks@gmail.com

14: A Tribute to Wes Craven and His Films

With the unfortunate passing of Legendary Film Maker, Wes Craven, we decided to do a tribute to him and some of his best work. We of course have this weeks news and hint to next weeks episode. Thanks for listening and you can give us any feedback at theoutofworksidekicks@gmail.com

13: The Good, The Bad, and The Bat-Voice: The Nolan Bat Trilogy

This week we discuss the good and bad of the Christopher Nolan Batman Films. We also discuss what we would like to see in the Batman films to come. You can reach us at theoutofworksidekicks@gmail.com

12: Worst Comic Book Movies…Ever?!

This week we list the worst comic book movies ever. We also finally explain the logo. You can reach us at theoutofworksidekicks@gmail.com

11: Foxtastic Four…Ugh

This week we discuss the big times news. We also discuss the new Fantastic Four movie. We do a non spoilers and a spoilers. Then at the end we discuss some comments we received one Facebook. You can reach us the at Facebook.com/theoutofworksidekicks or email us at theoutofworksidekicks@gmail.com

10: DC Animated Movies

This week we discuss a few of the DC Animated Movies. We give out thoughts and suggestions. Thanks for listening everyone! We may have our special guest again.

9: Ranking the MCU Phase Two Movies

This week we cover the most recent news and rank the Marvel Cinematic Universes Phase Two Movies. Thanks for listening everyone!


This week we talk about Marvels newest film, Ant-Man! We do non spoilers then spoilers so everyone can listen